Orange Taxi

Orange Taxi is a Dominican Republic based taxi company that supports Spanish language and provides mobile application based taxi services. The passenger mobile app automatically displays the nearby taxis for hiring. Drivers are notified via push notifications in the driver application immediately after a user requests for a taxi. Once the ride gets over, passengers can pay using one of the payment modes and are sent e-receipts after payment confirmation.

Clique Taxi

Clique Taxi is Mozambique based taxi booking application that allows passengers to select the pickup and drop locations over a tap on the Google Map. The app is localized with Portuguese translation. Passengers can view the route and the distance covered by the taxi using GPS facility. Ride fare is calculated automatically based on the distance. Passengers can also provide feedback and ratings on the services provided by the drivers.

Aero Taxi

Aero Taxi is a taxi hailing mobile application that allows closest taxi driver to connect with customers in and around Dominican Republic. The taxi hailing process through the application supports not only English language but also have Spanish translations for Spanish speaking passengers. Aero Taxi is integrated with Pushwooh Integration for Push notifications under an automated dispatch system.


Bwite taxi booking mobile app is deployed in Mexico. The app supports English and Spanish language to give its passengers a localized taxi service. Bwite also has all the main features of taxi apps plus it has an option to add the locations that the passengers would frequently travel to in the favorite list which enables fast booking in the upcoming trips. The estimated ride fare is calculated based on the distance to the selected destination and is displayed to the passenger before ride.

Link App


Sapphire Cab is a Nigeria based cab company for whom we built a cab hailing mobile platform to minimize the inconvenience for passengers in hailing taxis. This app helps taxi owners to make taxi dispatch operations effortless with innovative and intelligent cab software. The passenger can select the nearest available taxi and book a ride in just a few taps. The passengers and drivers can keep track of their ongoing journey and access the upcoming and past trip details in their respective mobile apps.

Just Ride

Greencab is a Brazil based taxi booking platform and is one of our innovative taxi booking platform with additional features like a webpage that is linked to Greencab website to know more about the taxi company and its services. The company has developed the taxi mobile application to create a strong online presence among its potential customers. This also helps in achieving growth objectives and brand awareness.